From Cindy

Sent 29 May 2012

Lobby of the Jagriti Theatre

Last night, we had a lovely dinner with Chandran (the man who was our connection to Jagriti) and his family. It was in one of the nicest areas of town, and for part of the evening, I felt like we were in Scottsdale. On the cab ride there, we saw a cow in the street which confirmed we were not in Scottsdale.

David Morden arrived today and we had our first full rehearsal in the theatre. The theatre is wonderful–beautiful intimacy and good acoustics. Surprising to see no room for handicapped seating or wheelchair access, no bannisters on the aisles. I thought of so many of our audience members who wouldn’t be able to see the show here. On the other hand, ticket prices are about $6 each – and so many others will be able to see the show.

Bangalore at dawn from Cindy’s apartment

A part of our day is always spent trying to get technology to work. I wasn’t aware how dependent I’ve become on the Internet and communication with friends at home and even with friends here. The availability of connectivity is sporadic and frustrating.

We have three more days of rehearsals before we open. Our new musician/sound effects person is Savitr. He’s quite wonderful, and just happens to be a neuro-surgeon. We’ve already made too many jokes about no matter how hard performing the sound effects is, it isn’t brain surgery ,,,

Here’s a view from our apartment window at dawn and a view of the theatre lobby.

Thinking of all of you.

— Cindy Meier


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