Opening Night Approaches!

Tonight is opening night of Shipwrecked! in Bangalore! There are about 100 tickets sold. Savitr, our musician/brain surgeon, did the entire rehearsal off-book last night (amazing!), and Babu, our light board operator, went through all 50 light cues with no problem. Everybody we meet here is so smart and quick and nice and helpful.  I’m sure there are mean people in Bangalore, we just haven’t met them.

I’m excited about sitting at the back of the house tonight and watching the audience respond.  I have a strong suspicion that we human beings are a lot more alike than we are different, and that this audience in Bangalore will respond very similarly to our audiences in Tucson.  I’ll be sure to let you know what I see…

— Cindy


2 thoughts on “Opening Night Approaches!

  1. You will be surprised how much Bangalore knows about you and Tucson. Half of us have extended offices in AZ… lol…

    Welcome to Whitefield, Bangalore and looking forward to you play this weekend.. …It better be good 🙂

    (and dont miss the food at Fat Chef, right behind the theatre… they are a wonderful bunch of people too)


    not so mean bangalorean – Amit

    • Thanks, Amit! And thanks for coming to the play! As you can see from David’s entry, we’re working our way through the entire Fat Chef menu and it’s all been good! And everyone there is nice, too!

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