Opening Night!

Shipwrecked! — Opening night at Jagriti

Shipwrecked! opened in India! We had about 75 people in the audience with several children (who were extraordinarily well-behaved and equally delighted). Joe remarked that this might be the youngest audience we’ve ever played to. David and Joe and Patty and Savitr were at the top of their game and the audience was glowing. The biggest laugh of the evening came with the presentation of Queen Victoria – I imagine it was great fun for people of India to laugh at Victoria – but Joe is pretty funny at that point in the play anyway. I would say that all in all it was a great success. Here’s a view from the back of the theatre right before Louis de Rougement enters the stage!

We’re spending some time reading more Indian plays – looking for possibilities to bring home to produce in Tucson. We have plans to meet with Girish Karnad (the author of Naga Mandala) on Wednesday when he comes to see the play. That will be a thrill!

Best wishes to all our friends in Tucson. We look forward to being home with you soon!

— Cindy Meier



2 thoughts on “Opening Night!

  1. Just came back after your performance on the second day. Bravo. It was simply brilliant. David Joe and Patty – you were breathtaking. Joe was simply outstanding , easily changing from an authentic Australian accent, to mimicking Queen Victoria, to yapping around as a dog.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I’m passing the word around that this is not to be missed.

    Have a wonderful time in Bangalore

  2. Thanks, Ramesh. And thanks for passing the word around. Jagriti needs the support! (as do we.)


    PS – I never knew that playing Victoria in one of the former colonies was on my bucket list, but it’s an honor that few get to enjoy!

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