Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

At Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace (click for larger image)

Right before we came to Bangalore, Jagriti Theatre produced a play by Girish Karnad (who also wrote Naga Mandala) called The Dreams of Tipu Sultan. The play is about a sultan of India in the late 18th century and how he was defeated by the English. It’s a beautiful, rich play that reflects on the nature of conquest and how our dreams intersect with our lives. While we’ve been here, we borrowed the play from Arundhati and read it. I’ve been reflecting on it for days. Yesterday, we went to the summer palace of Tipu Sultan here in Bangalore, and I was struck by the iconography surrounding the palace and was thrilled to walk on some of the same paths that this hero of India walked. I also thought of our upcoming play, Journey to the West, in seeing the images of stone monkeys all around the palace.

Tonight, Girish Karnad is coming to see Shipwrecked! We’ll let you know about our meeting …

— Cindy Meier

Stone monkeys at Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace (click for larger image)

Three women in saris (click for larger image)




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