A Triumph!

You would have been so proud of The Rogue! We had 3 days of very small audiences (one night we only had 13!). David and Patty and Joe were wonderful throughout the week –  their professionalism and good natures were exceptional as they gave strong and delightful performances.  But performing for small audiences can be exhausting, putting all that energy out and getting very little back. Finally, on Friday, we had a large audience, among whom was Girish Karnad, India’s foremost playwright and popular film actor.  It was a great night – one of those perfect blends of the actors being completely in tune with the play, and the audience being completely in tune with the performance.  We had to stop for applause and laughter several times, and the crowd literally leapt to their feet at the end. I was so pleased – not just because it all went so well, but because it was a thrilling night of theatre.  Mr. Karnad sent this email today:
Dear Cindy,

     I need scarcely say how much I enjoyed ‘Shipwrecked’—-so imaginatively mounted, so sensitively acted. The ensemble creativity was just enchanting. My friend Chitra wants me to say she thought she was going to see a play for children—which she was enjoying enormously—and didn’t realize when and how she was led into existential problems about fact and fiction.
                The play still hovers  vividly in front of my eyes.
                        Fondest love,
We all enjoyed meeting the actors who participated in the workshops this weekend.  Here’s a photo of Patty’s wonderful workshop.

Participants in Patty’s workshop. (click for larger image)

A week left in India.  Much love to all!
— Cindy Meier

3 thoughts on “A Triumph!

  1. Ann and I have enjoyed your blogs immensely! Keep up the good work and have a safe trip home. Adrian Korpel and Ann Ellsworth

  2. The workshops were indeed a great experience. We learnt a lot and are absolutely charged up to put what we learnt in practice. Hope all of you are having a good time in India.

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