Cindy’s Last Bangalorean Night

Patty with matinee audience members (click for larger image)

I am sitting in the theatre, waiting for the last show of Shipwrecked! that I’ll see before I leave early for Rome tomorrow. I’m sad to leave the cast for the final four shows, but I know they’ll have a smashing closing weekend. The audience has been building throughout the week – including a matinee for 180 children on Wednesday. What an experience that was – a squirming mass of enthusiasm!

This last week in Bangalore has been astounding. There’s so much to talk about – and I’ll write more soon – but three of the highlights were going to The Bangalore Club with our hosts, Arundhati and Jagdish, having lunch with Girish Karnad, and visiting Soukya – a holistic health center that our dear supporter, Maura Brackett, introduced us to. I have so much to say about each of these experiences, but the show will start in 12 minutes, so let me tell you now about a moment from each.

The Bangalore Club was established during the British colonial years – with Winston Churchill being one of the first members. We sat in the bar with wood paneling, eating peanuts and lime sodas, surrounded by this historical British institution with our Indian friends, imagining that 70 years ago, they wouldn’t have been allowed inside.

David with coconut (click for larger image)

We went to a Thai restaurant with Girish – Patty ordered for us all – and we talked about theatre and the history of India. We talked, too, about the changing face of Bangalore – the rapid growth and mixture of modern and ancient traditions. As it turns out, Girish is now writing a play about this very transition.

All of us, including our musician and friend, Savitr, had soothing massages and toured the beautiful health center of Soukya. It was good to be out in the country – a little ways from the city and surrounded by gorgeous vegetation. We were served beautiful drinks of coconut water!

More soon, about this magical place, my dear friends. The show is about to start!



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